Careers After Your Massage Therapy Course

Massage therapists enjoy a huge range of job opportunities across a variety of industries. Here are some of the workplaces that have high demand for massage therapists:

  • Massage clinics
    Massage clinics are the obvious starting point for job opportunities in the massage therapy industry. These might be large massage chains, small family-run businesses or larger independent operators.
  • Health and wellness centres
    Many multi-disciplinary health and wellness centres will have massage therapists on staff to provide a range of complimentary treatments to their clients.
  • Aged care facilities
    Massage therapists are increasingly in-demand at aged care facilities to help residents prevent injury, recover from surgery and reduce stress to improve overall health.
  • Pregnancy centres
    Pregnancy centres that offer parenthood planning, pre-natal resources and birthing classes are often open to working with massage therapists to assist their clients to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.
  • Sports teams
    Professional sports clubs employ on-staff massage therapists to help their athletes prevent and recover from injuries, improve flexibility, and maintain their optimal conditioning.
  • Corporate massage
    Corporate massage is a growth industry. Some major corporations may employ their own in-house massage therapists, but many companies have emerged that provide on-site massage services to office workers.
  • Day spas and resorts
    Massage therapists also have the option of working in exotic holiday destinations at exclusive day spas and resorts. Large hotel chains often employ teams of massage therapists across their properties.
  • Mobile massage providers
    Mobile massage companies that offer clients in-home therapies are also increasing in popularity. Working for a mobile massage provider will often give you greater independence and more flexible work hours.
  • Self employment
    Many massage therapists are self employed. Costs to set up your own massage business are relatively low – especially if you’re willing to work from a home studio or do house calls.

Are massage therapists in demand?

Massage therapy has seen strong growth over the last couple of years due to increased demand in the healthcare and social assistance sector. As the Australian population ages, so too does the demand for massage therapists.

While the biggest demand is coming from the aged care sector, this isn’t the only area that is seeing growth. People from all ages of life see the benefit in massage. With our busy lifestyles, more and more people are turning to massage to reduce stress, relieve pain and carve out some relaxation time in their busy schedules.

With the strong demand for massage therapists, now is the time to enter the industry!