November 11th & 12th 2023

$340 (early bird until October 1, then $390) 30 CPEs for MMA

This two-day course is for any therapist who would like to learn how to deliver the first session in the Structural Integration series. The physical foci of the class are to horizontalize the pelvis and free the breath while the psycho-physical goal is to begin the process of unlocking the nervous system through enhancing the activity of the Vagus nerve.

At the conclusion of the two days you will know how to identify two common structural patterns, flexor and extensor types, and how to provide a stand-alone treatment that responds to the specific tensions and strains associated with each one.

In Structural Integration the practitioner begins to look beyond the presenting problems and towards how to create better overall balance and alignment. It is a progressive process and it starts with the first session’s attention to pelvic position and freedom in the movement of the ribs.

We will cover:

1. How is integration different from correction? How are they related?

2. Getting beyond “Straight” – how integration is more much complex than simply lengthening “short lines”.

3. Fascia – how working with it creates physiological integration and is the window through which we jump into the all important nervous system

4. Muscles – tone is important! How is tone set and how can we alter it?

5. Structural types – in this class we will look at two types – flexor and extensor – and the signature strains of each type

6. A sequence of techniques to address the unique patterns of tension in each one

This course runs Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm each day.

This course will run at our Heidelberg campus:

72 Mount Street, Heidelberg, VIC 3084.


Fee Policy
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