This class enables participants to respond more precisely and efficiently to myofascial restrictions throughout the entire body. Emphasis is given to understanding the physiological and mechanical properties of fascia as a way of maximising efficiency and minimising pain during treatments. This becomes the basis for mastering a range of techniques and approaches that open joints, realign muscles and repattern the neuromuscular system.

The class focuses on learning via extensive student exchange

Students will:

Expand their ability to make specific responses to myofascial restrictions

Develop palpatory sensitivity and accuracy

Achieve predictable outcomes in treatments

Techniques for:

Ankle Retinaculum

Anterior Compartment


Ilio Tibial Band

Hip Triangle

Quadratus Lumborum

Thoracolumbar Fascia

Fasciae of Axilla

Cervical Myofasciae

    AND More

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) have been granted for this class by:

AAMT – 20 CEUs

AMT (5 CEUs per hour of attendance)

ATMS – 12 CEUs