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Cupping (Ba Huo Guan) is a traditional Chinese medicine technique whereby suction or a drawing action (ba) is created over an area of the body by using fire (Huo) and a special type of cups or jars.

You will learn how to apply cupping to musculoskeletal related problems. The Melbourne Institiute of Massage Therapy and Myotherapy offers the opportunity to introduce this technique as an adjunct to your remedial massage skills.

You will learn the underlying tradition Chinese medicine philosophy as well as the western perspective on how cupping works.

In order to assist you, as remedial massage therapists, in integrating cupping successfully into your practice we will explore the:

  • Actions of cupping from a TCM and western perspective
  • Indication of cupping
  • Cautions and contrainidcations for cupping
  • Methods of cupping
  • Formulation of a cupping treatment plan
  • Integration of cupping with massage by using case history examples

The prerequisite for this course is a Certificate IV of Massage Therapy

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Trainers For This Course

George Dellas MIMT trainer head shot
George Dellas

George has developed a truly holistic approach through his unique ability of integrating the wisdom of TCM with the principles of Naturopathy and Remedial Massage.

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What Students Have Said
“George creates a great learning environment. Another fantastic method to use in the clinic. ”
G. Smith, Boronia