Soft Tissue Therapy Congress 2016 (Lecture Notes)

Soft Tissue Therapy Congress 2016 (Lecture Notes) 2017-06-23T08:41:27+00:00

Soft Tissue Therapy Congress 2016

Lecture Notes


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Deborah Pascoe

Elbow Pain – but I don’t play tennis of golf!

 Kristy Sparre

Thoracic & Lumbar: Mobility, stability and factors contributing to dysfunction


Garry Lavis

The “SIJ” Assessment and Treatment Simplified


Nathan Quinn

Empowering clients to be more accountable and take charge of their bodies outside of their treatments

Craig Harper

High Performance in Business and Life


As you will have saw Craig does not use powerpoints therefore notes are unavailable for this talk.

However you can follow his philopshies ,teachings via his Facebook & Instagram page as well as purchase books etc.. 


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In case you didn’t get chance to jot down the 11 points Craig made about the habits of High Performers, then below is an image of the white board that was taken.