This course gives you a greatly expanded ability to respond to stiffness, pain and restriction in the jaw, cervical spine and upper extremity. In addition to new DRMT techniques for the neck, shoulder and arms, you will learn how to comprehensively assess and correct restrictions in the cervical facet joints. These restrictions are frequently what prevent full resolution of stiffness and pain from soft tissue release alone. You will also learn how to do gentle and effective joint mobilisations at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The emphasis is on creating a supportive soft tissue matrix in which to embed the improved joint mobility. This is more integrative than joint mobilisation done on its own. This course covers:

• Getting inside the jaw – assessing TMJ dysfunction and releasing the intra-oral muscles.

• Mobilising the cervical spine – learn a protocol of motion testing and low force correction for all the joints in the neck, C1 through to C7.

• Over twenty DRMT techniques that are learned through extensive student exchange and can be easily integrated into any existing manual therapy practice. You will learn new skills and at the same time, enjoy release of your own restrictions.

• A review of recently published research into changes in fascia provoked by repetitive stress and the role of DRMT in reversing them.

“For a long time I have appreciated and even been in awe of how many aspects of change DRMT provokes in my patients – postural, emotional, ease of movement and feelings of lightness, and openness.” – Michael

 Michael Stanborough, MA (Victoria University, Australia) has taught Direct Release Myofascial Technique for over 20 years at numerous schools, hospitals and clinics throughout the world including the USA, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, Africa and Australia. In 2006 he created SI Australia, an IASI certified school, for training therapists in the Structural Integration method as originally presented by Dr Rolf. His career has included being an instructor at the Rolf Institute. His classes have a reputation for presenting interesting and practical material in a lively, fun manner. Michael is the author of the acclaimed text, Direct Release Myofascial Technique (Churchill Livingstone).

*Please note the prerequisite for this course is Myofascial Tension Technique 1 (MTT). If you have not completed this course, please contact MIMT and we can advise you of course dates.