Direct Release Myofascial Technique provides a highly illustrated guide to direct release myofascial techniques (MFR) and their application in clinical practice. MFR is a manual therapy method that influences both a body’s structural tissues and the sensory/motor systems. Originally developed by Dr Ida Rolf, the creator of the Rolfing method, the approach has since been adapted and modified by different groups of therapists to fit within their own particular philosophies. This book strips away the surrounding theories and philosophies and focuses on the safe and appropriate use of the techniques themselves. Numerous photographs supplement the detailed, step-by-step coverage of techniques.

  • Outlines the principles and practice of a group of bodywork techniques that are particularly effective for the treatment of painful or restricted movement due to muscle stiffness or imbalance
  • Provides guidelines on the most effective and efficient use of the techniques based on movement theory
  • Highly illustrated with detailed photographs and line drawings
  • Presents a hypothetical model to explain why the technique works based on the latest research in the field of neuro-fascial physiology
  • Includes approaches to the use of the techniques with children
  • Written by an experienced practitioner and teacher
  • Draws on the teachings of Ida Rolf but makes them applicable to other groups of therapists