Get your new career as a massage therapist started on the right foot with these nationally-recognised massage therapy courses.  

While massage therapy is largely a self-regulated industry, there are some important things you should know before deciding where and what to study.

For starters, you’ll need a nationally recognised Diploma to be eligible to join a major industry association and provide health care rebates to your clients – both major factors that will affect your employability. And you will not qualify for liability insurance unless you have completed a nationally recognised course.

The good news is there are many study options to suit you, whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or are an experienced pro looking to expand your skill set.

Get a taste of the industry with the Introduction to Massage Therapy short course; move onto a nationally recognised Diploma or Advanced Diploma course to set yourself up as a professional massage therapist; then expand your skill set as you work with a range of postgraduate courses.

Short course

  • Introduction to Massage Therapy

    This informative short course is ideal if you’re considering entering the massage therapy industry and want a taste of it before moving into a nationally recognised course.  

Nationally recognised courses

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT52015)

    Take your education one step further with this thorough nationally recognised course that covers practical massage skills, human anatomy, pathology and practice management – ideal if you aim to start your own massage therapy business. It’s also important to note that MIMT’s Diploma of Remedial Massage is one of only a few courses that meets Medibank Provider requirements, which means you’ll be able to provide health care rebates to your clients.  
  • Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (22316VIC)

    This is the most advanced nationally recognised qualification in the Australian massage therapy industry and will help you learn how to use treatment regimes and clinical orthopaedic assessments to develop overall treatment plans. Study full time over nine months, or take the part time option and complete the course in 16 months.

Post-graduate courses

  • Cupping (Flame)
    Expand your skills with this excellent post-graduate course that teaches the traditional Chinese art of cupping as well as underlying Chinese medicine philosophy and Western science.
  • Dry Needling
    Add dry needling to your massage therapy repertoire with this 60-hour course that teaches a full range of dry needling principles and practice in a face-to-face contact setting.
  • Myofascial Release II
    Help your clients overcome trauma, inflammatory responses and surgical procedures with this course that teaches the latest myofascial techniques to eliminate pain and restore motion.
  • Oriental massage
    Learn the ancient art of Chinese massage and how to stimulate specific acupuncture points to increase energy flow and improve your patients’ outcomes.
  • Sports massage
    This course will enable you to work with athletes as you learn how to tailor your treatment plan to best assist their individual conditioning to reduce muscle tension, prevent injury and recover from strains.


There are various levels of government support available subject to meeting eligibility. Contact us for further information.