Cupping is an ancient and alternative form of medicine where a massage therapist places cups on the skin for a few minutes, causing the skin and muscle to be pulled into the cup.

These cups are often made from glass or silicone.

Cupping therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation and can be used in deep tissue massage. With the Melbourne Institute of Massage & Myotherapy, you will learn how to use cupping to treat musculoskeletal problems and how this comes into the practice of remedial massage. You will also learn some traditional Chinese medicine philosophies and western perspectives on the benefits of cupping.

Throughout the course, we will review:

  • Actions of cupping from a TCM and western perspective
  • Indication of cupping
  • Cautions and contraindications for cupping
  • Methods of cupping
  • Formulation of a cupping treatment plan
  • Integration of cupping with massage by using case history examples

Note: a Certificate IV of Massage Therapy is a prerequisite for this course.