Tuesday 16th July – 6pm

(limited seats available)

Want to change careers? Become a massage therapist with MIMT

If you’re looking to change your careers and become a professional massage therapist, then our information evening webinar is a great place to start and provide you with all the details you require.

This is an informal night where we will answer the most commonly asked questions and give you the opportunity to find out more.

This will be an informal webinar and you’ll have the opportunity to answer questions throughout.

This webinar is for people that currently have no qualifications in the massage industry and are looking to get started in the industry.

We’ll be able to answer lots of questions, such as:

  • How long is the course?
  • Which course is right for me?
  • What does it cost?
  • Am I eligible for government funding?
  • What are the career opportunities?
  • What are your campus locations?

I’m sure there are more questions, which is why we are running our Info night webinar prior to our next intake in August. There is a limit on the number of seats available for the webinar and they are usually popular. Therefore please register asap below to secure your place.

If you’re already a Massage Therapist looking to up-skill to the Diploma or a Remedial Massage Therapist looking to up-skill to the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, then please contact our Course Advisors for a private tour on: 1300 839 839 or

All attendees will also receive our eBook ‘Everything you need to know about becoming a Massage Therapist’.

download ebook guide to massage